Fujifilm launches wide-format version of its Instax Link mobile printer

Fujifilm has announced a new mobile printer that uses its larger Instax Wide format film. The Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer is a similar idea to the existing Instax Mini Link: hook up your phone over Bluetooth and use an app to edit and print your own Polaroid-style snapshots from your camera roll.

Instax Wide film is much bigger than Instax Mini — it’s about the size of two credit cards side by side. That means your Link Wide printouts might not be as easy to carry in a wallet as Instax Mini photos, but they should be a lot more viewable and usable for other purposes.

The Link Wide printer is also compatible with Fujifilm’s X-S10 mirrorless camera from last year, allowing you to print directly without a phone. Of course, you can print photos taken with other cameras by uploading them to your phone and then to the Instax Link app.

Fujifilm says the Link Wide printer should be good for about 100 Instax prints on a battery charge. There are two printing modes, Rich and Natural, that let you choose between “bright and immersive or saturated and classic” color output, as well as the ability to edit images in the app by cropping or adding text.

Fujifilm will release the Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer late this month for $149.95. The company is also introducing a new black-bordered variant of Instax Wide film, which will sell for $21.99 for a pack of 10.